Lowering roof & walls together

I need to lower a roof 12" and I would like the walls to follow, is there a way?

Maybe. It depends on how you’ve constructed the model. Keep in mind that SketchUp is not a parametric modeling application.

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The model was exported from REVIT and I’m trying revise the model with SketchUp. I wonder if it’s even possible.



Most likely it is possible. It’s generally possible to modify the geometry in SketchUp. If the roof is grouped separately from the walls, you would need to move the roof group and edit the wall group and move the geometry at the top of the walls. The thing is, there are so many ways that your model could be made, especially when you are bring in the geometry from a different application, that it’s impossible to tell you exactly what you need to do. I would suggest you spend some time going through the SketchUp Fundamentals at learn.sketchup.com and become familiar with how to use the tools in SketchUp to create and make changes to models before you get really stuck in with something you’ve imported from another application. If you don’t learn the basics you’ll just wind up frustrating yourself and waste a whole lot of time.

Can you share the SU model on the forum? If it’s too big to upload here (more than about 10MB) upload to a file sharing service, make it shareable, and post a link here.

I use an extension called t2h_stretch_by_area (I know, clumsy name!). It allows you to select all the intersection points within a set of groups and move them in one fell swoop. You have to be a bit careful using it on components but it otherwise can be useful for your kind of application.

similar to @simoncbevans I use Curic Stretch https://extensions.sketchup.com/extension/1c563135-8b2a-43bc-a97e-64445d616c70/curic-stretch

Thanks, I downloaded it and giving it a try.


And yet another one falls for the easy way out…
It is best practice to first learn and use the default tools before diving into extensions.
Lowering a roof and connected walls shouldn’t be to difficult and everyone should be able to do that using only native tools…
My 2 cents…

Edit: Sorry, just saw it is an old topic after posting this. But it still applies…