How to tie different comopnents together

i modelled a shed that i want to build in summer. but now i would like to make it a little bit taller. i modelled a single slope roof. Is it possible to make wall studs longer that way all the other components move along. like the rafter anle changes etc. is it possible to tie them together somehow?
or do i have to move every single piece manually? hopefully i made myself clear since i am not a native speaker.


Hard to say without seeing the way you modeled things. If done right, it could be easy. If not, could be tedious - but still possible. Can you share your model here?

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kuur1.skp (360.2 KB)
okey here it is.

oops some studs are missing in this version but in generall it should not matter
i want to make that side taller where the studs are missing.

Your model is in pretty good shape if you want to change the roof height. The only change I made below is to make flipped copies of the side studs that have the cutouts for the rafter. Using Move to adjust the length of those studs keeps the angle the same.

If you want to change the angle of the roof or you want to change the style of the roof, that should still be fairly straightforward.

i would like to change the height of the back side only, shown on the picture and i would like that the rafter anle changes along. i am ready to make new cutouts to the side studs to compensate the new roof angle

You can rotate the rafters and purlins but you’ll have to edit the rafters to change the angle of the ends and you’ll have to edit the angle at the top of the side studs. It’s not terribly complicated stuff but it won’t be automatic.

Oh i just realized that i can check them all and rotate and move them together…■■■■ i feel stupid. I sincerely thank you for your time that you took. and the flipped copies tip is a good one. Thank you again!

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