How to drop a whole roof by 70mm

Hi Guys !
New to the forum but have been having lots of fun on sketchup designing my new tiny house which I am starting to physically build in just 5 weeks time ! exciting times.
My sketchup skills are pretty limited and I have figured out I need to lower my whole roof (rafters, top plates, and all) by 70mm. On my existing knowledge, that would involve me erasing the entire roof so far and starting again from scratch. I was wondering if anyone knew any tricks on how I could select all the roof members and move them 70mm down the y axis? would be so much easier if it is possible ! I am only working on sketchup make though.
But any help would be very much appreciated !

Thanks :smile:

Make a group of the entire roof structure and select the group, then use the move tool to shift the position of the group down the desired distance.

Take special care to not include support walls or posts in the group. If you need to adjust the height of these items, you can use the push pull tool later.

It’s recommended to post your model (or at least include a screenshot) to make it easier for forum participants to offer help. You can upload these using the up arrow at the top of the reply box (7th icon from the left).

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if you do add your model, you may even get a gif of a number of ways to do it…


Thanks very much, it worked! Thx for your help !


So I dropped the roof but now I am stuck on a different thing… I had to redesign the rafters and I have made drawn one in place (2d) and wanted to copy that and paste it into position where i need all the rafters to be and then pull them out to their widths, however I am finding pasting the rafters into the new positions very tricky… the thing just does not want to get anywhere near where I want it !

any tricks to get shapes to behave and go to where you want them to when pasting?

cheers !


Make a component of the selected face/edges.
Now Edit it and PushPull to give it a thickness.
Its geometry is now divorced from its surrounding by virtue of it being inside a ‘container’ [component or group]
Copy the rafter-component-instance as desired.
If you edit one, then you edit all of them - that’s why I suggested a component rather than a group - makes life easier
If you have one [or more] of these rafter-instances which you want to differ from the siblings, then make a selection and use context-menu > Make Unique.
Now you can edit just that now separated subset…

Cool thanks, thats a cool tip. I am still stuck however on the actual
mechanics of just pasting the rafters to where I want. I push copy and
paste, and the new rafter pops up on screen ready for me to paste where I
want, howevere I am finding it impossible to actually move it into the
position that I need it, it flips wildly all over the screen as the program
doesnt seem to understand where I want it. Is there any way to simplify
doing that ?
Help much appreciated, thanks !


Don’t use Edit > Copy + Paste or this…
Lets say you have one rafter component-instance placed where you want it…
Select it and use Move + Ctrl this copies the component.
Now click the start point - let’s say the start of the rafter and move the cursor along the ‘plate’ it sits on - you can constraint the direction using the Shift key…
Now click somewhere in the direction you want the copy.
No need to make it exact.
A copy is added offset in the general direction, but not accurately placed.
Immediately type the distance required - e.g.16" or 24" or 400mm or 600mm etc, + [enter]
Do NOT click on the Measurements box - it shows what you have typed but clicking on the box removes a tool’s focus - just type.
The distance that the copy has moved is now set to what you have typed.
If you are unhappy with that you can type another distance + [enter] etc…
If you start another tool then, the last enter distance is fixed.
BUT if you immediately type a number + x or * copies are made multiply [aka “a linear array”].
So let’s assume you want 6 copies of the rafter at 16" c/c…
After the first copy is made type 6x + [enter] - OR 6*
You then have the original and 6 copies, each spaced 16" in the given direction from the previous one.

NOTE: if you wanted 4 rafters to “fill in” an indeterminate width gap with rafters exactly at the start/end positions…
Copy the rafter from one extreme side to the other side - you now have a total of 2.
Immediately type /3 and 3 copies are created spaced evenly between the first and including the last instance.
You now have 4 evenly spaced rafters - the spacing has been calculated for you…


Thanks so much ! This is going to save me so much time. I should really
start reading the tutorials !

Thanks heaps :slight_smile:


Hi again @eallisonmaxwell ,

You certainly will benefit from reading the tutorial information in the User Guide<(Click on this hyperlink to open the Guide), but I suggest it may also be helpful to view the various video tutorials available to help you get up to speed with SketchUp. Start with these:

You should really post your model. Easier on you, less time for posters spending their valuable time and you will get better results.