Copy and rotate hip rafter?

How can I copy and then rotate a hip rafter to the opposite end of a ridge? I’ve tried to rotate it using the move tool but the tail end doesn’t hit the wall plate.

Can you share the model? It’s hard to say for sure based just on the image.

What about rotating it use the Rotate tool?

Not sure I can using the free version. :frowning:
Maybe if I use a different style?

Click on the file folder icon and choose the option to download the SketchUp file to your computer. Then you should be able to upload it here.

Trial Gazebo.skp (1015.0 KB)

Cool! Didn’t know that was possible!

I made the first hip rafter just using lines and then converted it to a component. I expanded the copy in order to have a face to rotate using the Move tool. I also changed the axes.

With the component’s axes aligned with the geometry as you have it (and that’s generally a good thing), the axes of rotation aren’t aligned the way you need them to be for using the Rotate function in the Move tool. Instead, you should use the actual Rotate tool. The first thing I would do is move and rotate the rafter component into place so it is properly aligned. Then use Rotate/Copy to make the additional copies rotating about the center of the roof.


You will probably have to redo the beveled cuts for the ends also, as it does not appear to me that they will align with the faces of the central cube.

Hopefully you’re all set now. :wink:

Thank you exceedingly!!

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