Porch Corner Rafters

I am trying to create roof rafters for a porch and ran into a problem creating the rafters on the corner. My question is how would I do this? A screen of what I have so far is shown here.

I do not understand the question. You make hip and valley rafters the same way you make other rafters.

What I am having trouble with and need is the rafter that runs from the corner (red arrow to green arrow) and have the soffit cut line up with the other rafters as shown by the blue arrow.

Could you post a small part of that model? It would be much easier to understand what’s going on.


Does this closer view help?

Not so much, keep in mind however that a hip roof should have equal run length on both sides. If the two pitches are different, the overhang will have to be different from one side of the porch to the other.

If you have a newer version of SU, you can use the rotated rectangle tool to find these roof planes and therefore the hip and jack rafters.

Then rafters might look something like this.


Once you determine the starting point and ending point or angle you take one of those rafters you already made and adjust it to fit

So, do I have to place the roof itself on first?

Well, the roof planes above are really just a tool to find the “drop” or angle cuts on the top of the hip rafter. In this case the roof plane(s) is intersected with the square hip timber to reveal the bevel cuts.


Thanks for your help.

Perhaps investigating a finished model will help.

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Hi I used the Plusspec Plug in it took me 16 seconds to create the roof , eaves, valleys and rafters. A priced bill of material would have taken another 5 seconds. This GIF is real time.

The only issue for hobbyists is that PlusSpec is just over $700/yr in the USA for imperial version and $990/yr in Australia

Plusspec was designed for the professional architects and builders who could make good use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). If time is your bottle neck then a professional plugin may be the answer. I understand if it is not.

If you can do this in 16 seconds then imaging what you can do in 16 minutes.
If you want to see more check out the website www.plusspec.com

I appreciate the suggestion, however since I use the free version of Sketchup 2015 to make models for my own use (and not professional) for custom scenery in a game that I have and to share these models freely with others that have that game this would not be for me. Thank you any way!

No problem, here is the model if you want to see the output in 16 seconds. I hope it helps :smile: .