Low poly flame

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I am working on an odd model in which I would like to have a bunch of ‘flame’ lights, so they need to be low poly but with enough ‘flameness’ to be, uh, flames. I have come up with this:

Low Poly Flame.skp (541.9 KB)

What other methods should I consider.



Rotating Flame.skp (178.0 KB)
Play the scene animation. I’m sure someone can do better. I put the flame in edit mode and selected faces before I applied textures, then made different scenes for each rotation. I set the animation time for milliseconds.

It depends a lot on what you are making the model for, one simple option is to make 2d Face Me components.
Here I have taken a random flame from the internet and roughly cut it out and made it a Component with Always Face Camera selected in the settings. As you see as you move around you always see the face.

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Royce and Box,

These are both very useful ideas. I really like the idea of the AFC component. This is for my model RR mock up, where I wan’t to use the LED flame lights in the real world for the flickery lighting.

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You can fake some flickering if you are moving about by using z-fighting.

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Maybe this could also help you.

If you want to render it, you’ll have to the video texture add an emission quality, on twinmotion it’s very easy to do, but it’s also doable on other rendering engines, I’ve done it with blender using Cycles.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear about the flickering. I want them to flicker in the real world once I actually build the model RR after I build the library after we get the barn finished and after we do some forestry and…

Thank you all for the ideas.

If you want to do that you should use another software to add the flame, real time rendering softwares like twinmotion or D5 have assets of flames, you can create flames if you want also on softwares like blender, but on sketchup you won’t get that effect.