Candle Flames with V-ray?

I decided to play around a little with a recent model and I’m looking for suggestions to make a candle flame that actually illuminates the scene. I found a candle flame component with emmissive Vray materials and it’s half-way decent on it’s own but it doesn’t actually light anything in the scene. It isn’t even reflected by the shiny surfaces. I assume there’s a better way to do this. Maybe just stuff an omnilight in there with the flame component? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here’s the current state of the render. The only light is the sun and I’ve set the Intensity Multiplier to 0 for the moment because I want to see the effect of the flame.

Hi Dave,

Use Emissive material and add a Omni Light to the flame. And in Post add Glare/Bloom.

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Hi Mihai,

Thank you. I had just hit on that and was playing with it. How do I get the flame component to not cast a shadow?

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Thank you! What if I want the omnilight to cast shadows but not the flame component?


Hello Dave,
Not sure if it’ll work but you may try adding a raytrace property In the material editor, and uncheck cast shadows


Thanks Paul. I’ll see if I can figure that out and do it.

Paul’s raytrace idea


Well, ain’t that just the cat’s pajamas! Now to refine the other materials and lighting.

Thank you gentlemen!


For the candle wax material, create a Subsurface Scattering mat