Creating Realistic Sheet Metal Flashing

I am modeling a dormer on a gable roof, and need to do the flashing.

What would be the best way to give the flashing a more organic, natural look? The flashing would be bent by hand and not be perfect, and would slightly drape over the shingles. I tried clothworks, but I cant seem to get the settings to model something so stiff.

I would create the outline of the flashing by tracing the roof planes, then add a few curves in the middle (not too orderly), to define the surface, which I would making using sandbox tools.

Adding a thickness could be done fairly easily perhaps using an extension if needed. Then you can select any of the vertices and twist them using the rotate tool to add some variation. Just a few clicks is all it would take.

Alternatively, look at Subd (Thom Thom extension)
or Artisan (good for high detail surfaces)

It begs the question, what will you be doing with the model? Is the effort and extra weight of geometry worth it?

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