How can I make plastic texture and lighting effect?

I want to do the plastic glossy texture to an object what I did and to put a lighting effect to a LED strip and a lamp.
The object can be seen here holder with plate - YouTube
Could you help me?
Thanks a lot.

there is no ‘native’ way in SketchUp, you would need to use a render extension for that. These extensions can set materials to be ‘emissive’ and render it in a realistic way:

Render[in] has a very simple way:

Yes, that I want. It’s great.
I’m afraid that it’s too much for me. I’m beginer in Sketchup. It’s my first 3D project.
Render [in] it is an extension? Where I can find it?
Your video sample with lighting looking nice, but how can I do that? Have you an template step by step for beginers?
I still not have discovered how to do realistic my object.
Could you help me more?

Download a trial here:

It working with Sketchup free edition?
I ask because here write SketchUp 2018 :((

you’re profile indicated Make 2017. It works with that version.

but to be compliant with the EULA, you should use SketchUp Pro.

You can ask somebody to do work for you, there is a category for that :

as to answer the PM…

Thank you!
I think that this is the best solution for me.

Mike, please look at private message what I sent you.

kerkythea too is free one? I’ve not used it but it looks good.

It was a long time ago that I used Kerkthea, it was free, but now Altair has Thea Render, evolved from KerkThea, I thought, which is not free…

I use Thea myself, which as you say came from Kerkythea? (which I too tried many years ago - then went to V-Ray, but now use Thea) but Kerkythea is still freeware: Kerkythea - Home

Looking through the gallery it has some decent renders.

[quote="MikeWayzovski, & Whiterabbitdesigncompany
Thank you for your help, but you speak Chinese for me.
I told you, I’m a beginner in 3D. This is the first 3D drawing and use technical words.
Frankly, I do not understand too much.
I still hope that someone will help me at Commercial and Collaborative Work - SketchUp Community

I’ve just begun to stand in my foot up and you want to run to marathon. :grinning::joy::rofl: