Low FPS and lag. Need help!

Hi, I am a newbie using Sketchup for the first time. I started using components to copy stuff to make it easier, now I lag heavily (20-30 fps). Could anyone pinpoint what the problem is?

versailles v4 (1).skp (2.3 MB)

Please start with the free SketchUp courses at the SketchUp Campus. Learn about making groups and components. Learn to make them solid. You have some components, but many are not solid. There is alot of loose geometry. Some of the loose geometry has textures applied. You should wait until your whole model is finished, then open up a component for editing, select the faces that you want textures, and then apply the texture. I started to fix it by selecting the loose geometry and then making a component, but there were too many border holes and nested components to mess with. It would be better to start from scratch. Many of your columns did not have a top and bottom face showing up as border holes. It would be best to make a component of a column and move/copy it where you need it. A lot of border holes may have been caused by having length snapping enabled. Best is to go to Model Info and disable length snapping.

What browser are you using?

Maybe this version of your file will perform better for you?
versailles v4 purged.skp (1.6 MB)