Lost material position icons

Really simple… I hope… I have lost the position icon… All that is left are REALLY tiny pins… I can only access distort and move with them… The 4 colors are all missing… They were there and then disappeared in existing and new files.

Right click on the textured face, choose Texture>Position. Right click again and select fixed Pins.

No Dave… That is not what I’m asking… They are totally missing…
I can really care less about the pins… I need the other small squares… They have disappeared.
Thank you though!!

How about a screen shot then?

With Fixed Pins you should also get the colored square icons.

Without Fixed Pins.

Cropped screenshot showing the issue ?
(EDIT: @DaveR, punchbug! )

Attach a purged SKP model here in the thread ?

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that 2nd image was it!!! great thank you… made my day… was ready to make myself beardless and not just bald!!!

So in other words, you do care about the pins and what I said initially is correct?

So, what I care about is that someone out there helped me… Which I appreciate and am thankful for… As my response stated. Have a nice day