Lost entire model... is there a way to recover? [Is there a version history on web version?]

I was working on the model… the entire screen went blank (black!)…
I tried to re-open the file from Trimble… it asked if I should save… I said yes…

It now has NO contents in the file. sigh

Other instructions on this forum explain how to go to Trimble connect, select check-box near file, and right click to version history.

But there is NO CHECK-BOX near the filename. :frowning:

Is there any way to recover my work?

if you open the file and press the spacebar (for select tool) then Ctrl-A, followed by Shift Z, do you see something popup, then?

Turns out that during the error condition… all layers got set to hidden… [and I had no objects on layer0]
Using layers, turning vis on for each resolved issue.

Turned out to be layers off.
Q: but is there a version history feature for the web version or is that not available?

You can use Trimble Connect for this:
Go to Trimble Connect:


Click on 'Trimble Connect at the top:

This will open Trimble connect in a new tab:

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