Lost Drawing

I recently closed a file and received a “bug splat”

I tried reopening the file, but it no longer exists.

Everyone in my office is trying to help me find it, we are having no luck.

I am freaking out, it took 4 days to draw.

Where was the file saved to when you were working on it? Did you look for the backup file?

It was saved to my documents on my PC, I cant find a backup file, where do I look for that?

Is there a .skb file with the same name in the same directory?

Are you still using SU2018 as indicated in your profile?

I am still using SU2018. when I went to reopen the file, I got a Windows message saying the file does not exist.

Doesn’t exist or doesn’t appear to be a SketchUp file? Do you see the file name at all in My Documents?

The file name is no where, not in my documents, not on any of the drives.

I have searched our entire system for it.
Also, there are smarter computer people than me in my office, they cant find it either.

So the question seems to be what did Windows do at the time of the crash that made it delete the file along with the .skb file. (I assume that you saved that file at least once in the four days you worked on it.)

It doesn’t help in your case but one of the features added to SU2019 was the ability to save a recovered file in a different folder in the case of a crash

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I had to leave the office, but someone is going to work on tomorrow.
We found something that looks like the file, but it wont open.

I will send a screen shot of what we found when I a get back to the office on Tuesday.

I always appreciate your help!!

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If they come up with either a .skp or .skb file that won’t open, it might be that someone on the SketchUp team could work magic on it although that seems to be hit or miss. You could upload it to DropBox or something and share the link.

The file that was found is a shortcut file. It cannot be opened because it says the original file has been moved or renamed, which it hasn’t. It disappeared after the bugsplat. Is it possible to restore from the shortcut?

After doing a search of computer, this is all we can find.

A shortcut would only contain the file location of the original file. It wouldn’t contain any real model information. Can you look at the properties of the shortcut to see where it is pointing?

This is it’s target: TempState\Downloads\omar kitchen 2.5.20.skp"

It would appear that the file was in a temporary location. That’s not a good thing because even without a computer crash the operating system will delete it at some point. This is similar to the problem people create when they use Copy and Paste to get content into LayOut because Copy creates a file in a temporary location.

If there wasn’t a copy of your .skp file saved somewhere else, you might be out of luck. I think if it was my project I wouldn’t waste time hunting for it at this point. I’d just knuckle down and start over.

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Thanks again for all your help…I am knuckling down.

Sorry it isn’t better news. Before you get too far along in this new model save it somewhere on your drive so it can’t go missing so easily.