Lost details of desktop Sketchup Licence

We bought a desktop Sketchup licence about a year ago or so under the name of Minton Young Ltd. Our director Ross Murley was using it on his desktop PC and he has lost all the licence details when his PC was repaired about 2 months ago.
Please can someone from Customer Service call me on 01273915588 to discuss a way forward please?
This is fairly urgent.
Many thanks.
Simona Rossi
Office Manager
Minton Young Ltd

This is the public forum. A trimble employee might see this post, but might not.

Two possibilities:

  • You bought a classic license (valued $ ~700)
    If you bought it directly from Trimble, you should have received an email with a serial number, search for emails from Trimble or SketchUp.
  • You bought a subscription ( valued $ ~300)
    If you bought it directly from Trimble, you would have to sign in with the email address that has bought it. If you forgot your password, click ‘forgot password’

In general, if you bought from Trimble/SketchUp directly, contact support:

Knowledge base:


Much quicker would be if you bought it locally, through the channel. Just contact the Distributor.

Hello Mike
Thanks for your reply. We are based in the UK. Please confirm if the instruction you provided are the same. Is there someone we can speak to in order to get the original email that was sent when we purchased the licence re-sent to us please?
Could this be sent to us please?
As I said, this is a fairly urgent matter and we would appreciate your very urgent assistance with this.
Kindest Regards

It is not about where you are based, but where you bought it.

It depends on where you bought it, if you bought it via a local reseller, any support you ask will be redirected to them, meaning an extra step.

This is a public forum, not customer support. A Trimble employee might see this post, but might not.

You might wanna remove your personal information, this is a public forum. Edit your post with the pencil button

I can see your license. It was bought from Elmtec, and you can ask them at sales@elmtec.co.uk for your license.

One thing to know, Ross was still using SketchUp 2018, and you do have a 2019 license available. That is the license that Elmtec are likely to send to Ross. Unless you have a reason for staying with 2018, you might as well install 2019, which you can still get from the downloads page:

You could go ahead and try 2019, if you open it and sign in, a 30 day trial will be started. Or you could wait for an answer from Elmtec, then in the Welcome screen use the Add Classic License link in the bottom right, to then Add License, and put in the 2019 license details.

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