Lost control over the scale of dimensions in a Layout drawing

Hi, I’d really appreciate your help. I created a Layout file in a previous version of Layout for Mac in which annotating the drawing with the dimension tool worked fine. Now using the dimension tool appears to have a set scale of 1:50. despite the elements of the drawing being at either 1:100 or 1:200. Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong? Where to look for things which define scale?

Can’t upload the file for you to look at as its far to big :frowning: (250MB) but attached a oic to show you what I mean…

You probably have manually set the scale for Dimensions in the Dimension Style window. Set it to Auto so it gets the scale from the model not from a manually set scale. You’ll have to anchor the dimensions to the model, though. You should be anchoring them to the model anyway.

This is from a LayOut project I am working on right now. Auto Scale is enabled so dimensions are taken from the model.
Screenshot - 2_14_2024 , 9_35_57 AM

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Dave R, You are a Layout hero! That’s just what was happening. So many odd things in these apps which if you don’t use them all the time , you soon lose control! Many Thanks

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