Lost all my previous work except the current one

Good morning,

Yesterday, I ‘‘lost’’ all the saved project files’’ I had exept the one I was working on. I’m working on Chrome and I tried to go on Safari. When I came back, all files where gone even after logging out and in again. I probably did something wrong but I cant find what.

The most common reason for this is the use of a different e-mail address. Another possible reason is a need to clear browser caches.

Go to https://connect.trimble.com/ and sign in htere using the correct e-mail addrss and password. Do you see your files then?

Same adress. I just found them on the Trimble Icon on my last remaining file. How do I put them back on my opening page?

Open them in SketchUp and save them so they show as recently opened.

All right! Thanks :slight_smile:

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