Lost all my models of my account

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I was working on a model last night, everything went well. This morning I wanted to continue working on it, but SketchUp cannot open/display any of the models. I suspect that the amount of model data may have been too large. Can anyone help me?

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i’m german, but the quote translatet means: “We were unable to retrieve your data. Please click “Retry” below and try again.”

I don’t think this necessarily is a problem with your model.
I haven’t edited my models in a couple of days, but now I am also experiencing this issue.

I’m located in the Netherlands.
To me it seems like connectivity issues with Trimble Connect.


Looks like several people are experiencing this problem.
Seems to be related to some maintenance going on;

Same here in Spain. I can see how its charging the models that i create but then, a tutorial pop up appears inmediatly and i can’t have acces to them. I try the tutorial and nothing. I can’t open and cant’ save anything. Hope they can fix it

I’m experiencing this same issue too. As described by others, the thumbnails for my projects show briefly for a split second but is then replaced by the “we were unable to retrieve your data” screen. I’m using Safari 14 on Mac Catalina, located in UK. Nothing changed to system since this was last working a couple of days ago.

In Safari inspector its showing error for app.connect.trimble.com: "Failed to load resource: Origin “https://app.sketchup.com is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin”.

Looks like this is caused by ongoing maintenance today. One of the downfalls of a Web-based app I’m afraid. Looking at the forum, this has all happened before - people reported the same thing, someone advised there was site maintenance, then it was back to normal the same day. Sit tight.

Edit: Dear Trimble, It would really help if ongoing maintenance was reflected in the sign-in/home page. We’re not mind readers :wink:

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I can confirm the described problem here. (@colin can you ping anyone before the forum is flooded even more?)


The status site says “Major Outage”…

Did things fix themselves since your message? Trimble Connect, and the web app, both seem to be ok at the moment.

SketchUp for Web is back up for me here.

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