Lost a file while trying to learn

I am new to using Layout, I tried it a few times and found it too challenging. I forced myself to try again and after a week of working at it, I am starting to figure it out, But I must say it is still daunting, as this is not what I do, I am drawing electrical schematics for a boat, and in the process of figuring out “pages”, I managed to delete days of work. Is there any file recovery option in Layout? Or what other options would you suggest?

It’s hard to say for sure but if you saved the file at some point there should be a backup version of the file in the same folder where your working file was saved.

Share the LO file here so we can see what you’ve got. Maybe your file isn’t really lost at all.

Maybe you should go through the instructional materials at learn.sketchup.com and save yourself some struggle.

I believe I was working from a saved file. I lost the file when trying to organize pages, I did not realize when you close a page it apparently deletes it. In SketchUp you delete files from the folder wear it is saved. I guess it’s gone.

You can’t close a page in LayOut. You can close a LayOut file but if you do it without saving, the changes won’t be saved.

If you are trying to make a multi-page document you add pages to the file. You don’t create a new file for each page.

Got it! Thanks.