Losing scene delays in Adobe After Effects

I am attempting to create a walkthrough animation for a client with dynamic infographic tags via Adobe After Effects on a Macbook Pro. The odd thing is that when I do so, the video loses all scene delays. I double checked the original video file, delays are there… but for some reason I am seeing a smooth animation without any delay in AE. Has anyone else encountered this?

So your question relates to a video file, that you can check and is complete, but it doesn’t work properly in Adobe after effects. Hmmmm…so you see the issue being with Sketchup?

Not assuming anything, just wondering if anyone has experienced this particular issue before.

I was trying to suggest you might get a better answer if you ask in an Adobe forum.

I haven’t heard of the problem, but it sounds like a keyframe issue. You could open the MP4 in QuickTime Player, and export as 1080p or 4k, depending on how big the image is. You also could use HEVC to keep the quality better, and AE can read that ok.

I did a test, in my case AE could see the transitions in the file that SketchUp made.

I reread what you wrote, and realized I didn’t test the right thing. I do see the delay being ignored. My suggestion about exporting from QuickTime Player doesn’t fix that.

Trying more tests.

Ok, so something is not right with the exported video, and most tools couldn’t sort it out. You can see a simpler example of the problem by taking the video into Adobe Media Encoder, it too skips the pauses, no need to use AE to show the problem.

I was able to fix the video using Final Cut Pro, that gave me a file that AE played correctly. iMovie might be able to fix it too.

In addition to being Sage here, I’m also Adobe Community Professional. I’ll send a test to the Media Encoder team, see what they make of it.

@colin does this have anything to do with Sketchup?

Thank you so much for your help! It seems like it might be a weird tick with the way Sketchup handles the delays and how AE interprets them.

Yes, SketchUp is exporting animations in a way that is not compatible with most video editing software. It could be that Adobe can work around the issue, but if the animations were exported correctly that would be a better solution.

My guess is that the export is relying on QuickTime features, and applications that still know QuickTime can cope, but ones that try to be independent of QuickTime may misread things, in this case the changing frame rate.

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I heard from Adobe, they could reproduce the problem, and have logged a bug about it. I also logged a bug with SketchUp.

By the way, doing the same export on Windows doesn’t show the problem.