Looking to hire Sketchup artist for industrial 3D illustrations

Looking to hire Sketchup artist for industrial 3D illustrations.

Hi, we need to get some help producing a series of industry illustrations. They need to be modelled and rendered out as flat images. While I have Sketchup myself, I am far too busy with other with other work and need to bring in an experienced freelancer to work on this project for us. We will need the finished Sketchup files once the work is complete.

The project could run for the next 18 months, requiring 2-3 of these drawings a month.

There are two parts to the project:

First an overview of the industry process. For example, steel manufacturing, drawing everything from the iron ore and coal arriving, being processed, into the blast chamber, refined in to steel and finished. The illustration is simpler than this sounds. The style is quite simplistic with not too much detail.

Second, a detailed diagram of a chosen application. in this case a blast furnace. We would want a cutaway diagram for this, so more detailed and an accurate representation of the real thing - note, it doesn’t have to be dimensionally accurate, but it must include all the correct parts. Here is an example of a blast furnace cutaway (this looks too dirty), but also a different example cutaway showing the style/finish we are looking for.

I can only attach one image, so have combined the above:


We will be able to supply all the information, example diagrams and photographs. If you have Microsoft Teams then we can share screens to collaborate and review as the drawings develop.

The timeframe for the first few diagrams is quite short - needed by the middle of April. If you think you can do this style of work, please get in touch with examples of your work asap!

Many thanks,


If the image doesn’t load, ping me and I’ll email it to you.

Thank you for all your replies. We have now chosen some people to work with. If the project gets larger then we’ll be back for more!