Are you a consultant looking for ad-hoc work using Sketchup?

Hi SketchUp Community,
I am a design manager working for various clients in the oil and gas industry, UK. We support projects and provide temporary works designs to BS5975. These typically involve the excavation of pipelines and gas assets.
We are looking for consultants to help us produce fairly basic 3D models using Sketchup. All dimensions for the designs are provided in a temporary works design brief.
Rates can vary depending on the ability, skill, knowledge and experience of the consultant, but we are happy to agree either hourly or fixed price rates for the work.
Each project has assigned deadline but works can be completed ad-hoc at the convenience of the consultant.
We use MS teams to communicate, review, discuss etc.
If you are looking for some ad-hoc work, please feel free to get in touch.

Kind Regards

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If you need consistent, professional help, look at They have certified professional freelancers.


thank you

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