Looking to hire a Sketchup modeller (Freelance)

I’m Creative Director at The Halo Group

We design and build projects for the event, hospitality and construction industry in the UK. We have developed our own steel structure system that we use it to build pop up structures, mezzanines and the framework for permanent and semi-permanent builds in the construction industry.

This short animation explains it best : Halo Structure

I’ve got a small design team at the moment and most of the time we can manage the process of winning new work. It normally runs like this (very simply):
Sketchup model > Layout plans > Technical drawings (CAD) > Fabrication Drawings (CAD) > Sign Off

The problem I have is when we are busy, my team gets tied up with the technical end of the process and we can’t turn around the New Business enquiries fast enough. So i’m looking for a part time Sketchup designer, that can pick up briefs as and when we need them too and deliver finished models or layout plans within a few days.

Every component we use is already modelled on Sketchup, along with all of our most popular formations (that you can see here). With a little training on how our system goes together, an experienced Sketchup designer could master the briefs really easily.

What we are looking for:
Sketchup 2021 - Advanced
Layout 2021 - Advanced
CAD / Vectorworks - Helpful but not essential

Architectural elevations & plan views - Good
Technical drawings - Basic
Construction experience - Helpful but not essential

Negotiate an hourly rate of £15 - £25 an hour, depending on experience.
As mentioned we are UK based so working in the same time zone is essential.

Please Private Message me on here, detailing your experience.
Sharing your previous work as a portfolio or link will be really helpful too.

You do not need a modeller, you need a developer to automate 80% of your modeller’s time.

Edit: I almost forgot to say :grin: I can help you with that. Clicking my avatar should bring you to a few automations I have made.

Hi Kengey,

Im really interested in understanding more about what you are proposing. Ive looked at some of the links on your account and the Aluvision one was really interesting.

I think my understanding of Sketchup is probably a fraction of what yours is, so I would need to be walked through how our design process could be automated and understand the costs associated.

Hi @samhalo ,

I will send you a private message.

Kind regards,


Hi Kengy,
We are an interior design B2B company. We have built an extension to sketchup. We rae looking for developers to help us add new features and speed up our development process. Please let me know if this could work for you. would be happy to get on a call to engage further.

Is this position is still open?