Looking for wrought iron gable grille (speakeasy?)

I downloaded this model a couple years ago and then lost it due to a hard drive crash. Does anyone know where I can find one? Desperately needed for a current project. Thanks!

Do you have any images of what it looked like?

Are you using the free SketchUp for Web or Sketchup 2023 Pro?

Hi Dave,
Unfortunately, I don’t. I lost all my files and PDFs when my hard drive crashed. It had a single vertical “spine” and a couple of horizontal ones, I believe. I’m not sure if “speakeasy” is the right term. I think it’s the grille that would go over a speakeasy opening in a door?

I’m using the free version. Thanks.

That doesn’t sound like a very complicated thing. Maybe easier to model it yourself than scrounging through the 3D Warehouse. If you are searching the Warehouse, try different search terms and make sure you are looking at Models as well as Products.

Maybe this one would be suitable and you could pry it out of this door. Maybe you would need to modify it a little but at least you’d have a head start.

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Thank you. I’ve never done any modeling, so I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Oh, and I have tried every search term I can think of. Do you know what this is called, or have any guesses for search terms? Thanks again.

What are you using SketchUp for, then?

did a little searching with keywords like grille and door as well as iron. Nothing very specfic.

Someone did it for you.

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This seems a little harsh, Dave. KDmaker isn’t the first total n00b to come to SketchUp.

I think it’s a legit question…

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His first post says he downloaded the model he is looking for several years ago which implied to me that he had been using it in a SketchUp model he was working on.


Haha, I’m a she! I use the models here for my residential design business.

Sorry. I didn’t know.

Then you need to be using SketchUp Go or SketchUp Pro, not SketchUp Free.

Thanks for letting me know!

No worries. I will look into those, thank you. Money is a bit tight.

Understood but …

Yep, I can swing $119/year for Go. Thanks.