Looking for Temporary Help doing Layout drafting

Hello All,

We are a small architecture firm in Jacksonville FL and we need some drafting\production help. Our Sketchup models and views should be in good shape to be brought into Layout so the work will be mostly drag and drop using our Layout template. Please let me know if you are interested\available by emailing info@zinn.ai. Here are the deets:

  • Mostly residential work but you need not necessarily have architecture experience.
  • Setting up views on sheets and adding the view title and scale
  • dimensioning
  • Labeling rooms and numbering them in sequence
  • tagging finishes and entering just the name for now into our finish and fixture schedule spreadsheet.
  • going through our preset keynotes that are pre-lined into on each page and adding a keynote tag to at least one instance per page. If no instances occur, delete the keynote from the keynote spreadsheet.
  • adding wall tags to new walls and keeping track of just the name for each wall type (something like “standard stud wall” or “plumbing wall” is fine).
  • pay $20/hr and about 20 hours a week to start. We can review each week.
  • submit time to our time tracking software (Harvest).
  • If this works out, could evolve to a longer term gig!
  • Would like help with Sketchup too but this would be an easier place to start/introduce you to our process.
  • starting as soon as possible.

Please let me know if there is anything I forgot or you have any questions.

Thanks, Rob.