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I hope this is the correct way to introduce my request, if not my apologies.
Hi Everyone, my first request in the forum and it is in relation to employing a designer in New South Wales, Australia to carry out 2D drafting of aged care unit floor plans for sales presentation for my client. Currently the work I have is being carried out by an employee who is going on maternity leave for 6 to 12 months, so the duration of the work will be dependent on their return.
The task is to provide a 2D drawing through layout from a sketchup drawn floor plan. Templates are supplied and training will be provided.
You will be paid by each drawing delivered and it will be a requirement to deliver at least 7 drawings a week. Sounds a big task, however, a proficient sketchup user will handle this quite easily.
All site dimensions will be provided. Should these not be accessible it will be necessary to provide information from an inserted PDF.
Should you be interested please reply to this post. Starting date is around the middle of July 2022.

I’m in Sydney and could take a look.

Not saying we are the solution for you, but Sloped, LC is operational (www.sloped.io) and our goal is to match businesses with Sketchup & Layout needs with independent professionals who have those skills. If you want to visit the website, we might be able find someone that fits the need if your attempts here don’t create a workable partnership.

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thank you for responding to my request.

As mentioned the work will be for 6 months and possibly 12 months, with a delivery each week of approximately 7 drawings.

Could you please forward me your email so that I can send you a couple of completed drawings for you to give me a price per drawing