Someone to produce Panel Drawings in Sketchup required


Can someone please help me, we are a building company building single & double storey homes in SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) in Perth W.A. and are after someone who can draw panel layouts for us, We design & produce working drawings in CAD files & then want someone to convert these to Sketchup.

Have a look at this Sketchup drawing to see what we are after:

Thank you



I’m 46 years old. Been around home construction my whole life. Architecture degree. Currently in the woodworking industry in north Atlanta using Cabinet Vision and CAD for the last three years producing design and production drawings. I have been researching and learning sketchup in my spare time and have been interested in seeing if I could move to a work from home freelance position on my own using it. I looked at your sketchup file on dropbox and i think this might be a decent starting place for me.

Two questions

  1. Is this project file the extent of every job? Are you simply looking for panel layouts which is to say, no detail drawings?
  2. What is your payment structure looking like?