Looking for some garden ideas

Hi guys

I’ve been playing around with sketchup a bit and managed to draw my house.
We have completely renovated the insdide of our house ourselves and now we would like to tackle the garden as well.
The big problem is that we have no idea what the most practical options are. I’m not very good at Sketchup myself yet, so I can’t quickly look at the possibilities.

I’ve been given some quick help here in the past so I’m hoping you guys might be able to give me some ideas.

In the attachment you can find a half-finished drawing (I couldn’t complete the roof very well :stuck_out_tongue: ) and another sketchup drawing where the roof is successful.
I also added some pictures of our current situation.

We mainly want an enclosed garden so we can keep a dog. In the back you can see that we have a garage, which is basically unnecessary and should not be accessible by car. I did not succeed in transferring the level difference that can be seen in the photo to my drawing.
The hedge on the side is completely ours and is about 1 meter wide, so this would save quite a lot of space if we were to place fences here.

Hopefully you can help us further in our search.

WE Transfer files

Put a fence around the yard. Be sure you have at least 3’ of landing at the bottom of the steps to the gate. you could also put a large gate at the driveway if you still want to get vehicles in the yard.

I recommend you make more use of groups and components. The roof might be easier to draw if it separate from the rest of the house (you can select or copy the edges from the top of the wall, but then group the edges to draw the roof.) This may not be the reason the roof didn’t work out, but is easier to work if you group things separately, such as the garage and the landscape, and don’t leave loose edges and faces in the drawing

This seems like a simple idea, but otherwise I don’t know what the question is.

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Hmm that might be a bit small for a dog I think, I was thinking of using the full driveway but I’m not sure how to combine that with parking space :stuck_out_tongue:

How about a fence that comes out in front yard? We have both a back yard fence and a lower picket fence and gate at the front. The dog does not get out (too often!), but if you have jumper or climber, that may not work.

I did some updates. What do u guys think of this:

There still needs to be a gate from the front but I couldn’t draw this one right away :smiley:

Tall solid fences along the street are not always considered attractive or nice for the street environment. You may wish to check with your jurisdiction if it is allowed and if it fits into the character of the neighborhood. If you do that, you may want to go for a more formal design at the front fence / wall, depending on what your neighborhood is like. Your community likely has guidelines for all fences front and rear.

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