Back yard design and layout

Hello - new here - I want to do a landscape, back yard design so I can figure out where to put my shed, gardens etc. So two questions… how do I create a base (the yard in survey dimensions) and then lock it so it doesn’t move or change so I can add shed, flower beds etc. and house.


What information do you have regarding the dimensions and angles of the sides?

Select the geometry of the yard and make it a group or component. If you wish, you can go one step further and lock the group or component after you create it.

Thank you Dave - I have a land survey. So i am thinking just create an irregular rectangle - put I want to be able to design the yard with a fence, shrubs, shed etc. to see how it will all fit into the irregular rectangle. is this possible?

Yes. It’s all possible. You might find useful components in the 3D Warehouse, too.

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In addition to what @DaveR has identified, you may also want to consider the following:

  1. Because you already have a survey of your property, scan the survey as a jpg or png image.
  2. Open a new SU .skp file and choose Architectural as the template and set the units in the preferred dimensional status (either metric or imperial).
  3. Import the scanned image into the newly created .skp file.
  4. Orient to top view and overlay the site survey by tracing new linework representing boundaries in the SketchUp file. Locate the fence, shed, shrubs and gardens as desired specifying real dimensions.
  5. Edit as you see fit. It is relatively easy to do this while in perspective view…you may want to alternatively use top, perspective, or other views while editing.

awesome! thank you.

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