New to sketchup need help

Just installed new trial. I am competent using corel draw but am looking at a quicker alternative software with a large 3d image library to design 3d garden landsapes how do i access images to drag and drop into my new page please?
Or is this even possible

There is an on-line repository of user-created models called the 3D Warehouse. The Window menu should have a function to open a browsing window that lets you search the 3D Warehouse. It is possible to download a model into your workspace and position/scale/orient it as desired. Good practice is to download such models into their own workspace and examine them for suitability, before inserting a copy into a “real” or master project file.

Hi Thanks really appreciate the reply. I have downloaded an image from the warehouse of a tree but is there any way of breaking the image appart and quicktracing the the image so it can be placed on a page that allowes the background image for example a fence to be visible if the cut out image is placed in front of the layer behind so i can import numerous images layered to create a 2 d or 3 d plan of a landscaped garden?

To be clear: SketchUp is a 3D modeler. There is no concept of layering as there is in Photoshop or other primarily-2D applications, for example. SketchUp is not a page-layout program. (Edited to add that SketchUp Pro includes Layout, a separate but integrated application for creating 2D documents based on 3D SketchUp models.)

A tree modeled in SketchUp would generally be three-dimensional, with branches sticking out in all directions. A fence in SketchUp would also be three-dimensional (even if it is mostly flat overall) - made of boards with height, width, depth, cylinders with diameter, etc. If a tree is positioned in the model space and a fence is positioned 10 feet away from the tree, then the tree will be seen as in front of the fence when viewed from one side, and the fence will be seen as in front of the tree when viewed from the other side.

SketchUp allows the view to be set to parallel projection (the default is perspective projection), and the camera positioned in key orientations (top, left, right, etc.) if you want to generate a 2D-looking rendering.

If you post an example image of what you would like to create, that might give other users ideas for suggestions on a workflow. (Drag an image file into a reply being composed.)

this is a sketchup image how difficult with my current corel experience would it be to transfer my current skills to be able to create this type of image if i use sketchup. The layout is simular on the main blank page ? I understand it is like learning a new language like PC to MAC

Thank you for the representative image. That looks like a “normal” 3D model to me (or at least if could be,assuming that the plants, the stone wall, etc. are 3D). I don’t understand why exploding a 3D tree object and tracing around the tree’s outline (if that’s what you meant) might be wanted? Just place the 3D tree or bush into the garden. Place the fence into the garden. Depending on your virtual point of view, you should automatically see realistic “stacking” or occlusion of the tree and fence geometry, so to speak.

Regarding the difficulty of doing this in SketchUp, creating nice tree or bush etc. models from scratch can take some effort and learning. On the other hand, mostly re-using existing objects would require much less SketchUp experience. Your CorelDraw experience will be of somewhat little help when learning SketchUp - the applications are quite different. There is a SketchUp Learning Center (I think it is called) which you might take a look at. One or two of the introductory topics may give you a better feel for how SketchUp works.

Thanks Ill give it a try. So if just add images from the 3d warehouse i should be able to once complete be able to rotate the complete image from various angles? Am I correct??? my design skills are that of an ex signwriter but i get the basics?

The main to be aware of is that many trees, bushes, etc in the 3D Warehouse carry enormous numbers of edges and faces that will severely slow down SketchUp. Only put them in place when the rest of the model is complete, and be ready to cope with sluggish response.

You don’t add ‘images’ but 3D models from the 3D Warehouse.

Once you have a full model, you can orbit around and view it from any direction.

To get you started understanding the basics of how SketchUp works, see the Campus

Thank you for you time im reading up on the learning site. hope you have a great day/night really, really appreciate your guidance .

Note: you may be able to find “face me” foliage models in the 3D Warehouse. These are essentially 2D images that automatically pivot to always present their flat face toward the camera. Due to lack of depth, they can be less edge heavy than full 3D ones. The only downsides are that their positions may need to be fiddled with so that they look right against the rest of the model, and they may cast unrealistic shadows since they aren’t really 3D.

You may later find this earlier topic helpful.

Right head in learning mode for the forseable future. Wish me luck guys much to learn going on the first 2 mins of the tutorial lol


Hi Graham,

I design all my gardens using sketchup. Create the space and then search for a plant in the 3D warehouse. I generally use the 3D plants . I also create new plants from scratch.

If you are after photo quality renders then you need to use another package such as Twinmotion or Enscape. They take the 3D models from sketchup and with a little work you can create images like the following

FANTASTIC Do you do freelance work to the quality of the images provided if I supplied a basic 2 ariel image? scale is not massively important just a realistic ish image ? If so what would you charge for say something similar to the images you have sent? Perfection and precise plants builldings ect are not what I need . I need someone to create a visual from a basic concept if you are interested ?



Hi Graham,

Yes I do. I am just about to launch my new website offering visualisation to other designers as it is technical. If you send over the images I will work out a price for you. email:

Here is a link to my youtube channel. The country garden has an ariel view approaching the house to give you some idea.