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Hi All,

Does anybody know of a good source(S) for 3D plants that will render realistically???




Use ‘VRAY Ready’ keyword in 3DW


Have you played around with SU Plants plugin yet? It’s in Beta so a bit more work to do on it but some nice features. Also not sure what they’re pricing is going to be down the road.

I especially like the Array tool under the context menu. And @Grey. To your original question, here you can see how this plugin uses 2D faceme (aka Billboard) plants in the model and then sends the full photo-realistic version straight to the rendering engine.

Gif showing process too large to upload to I put it here:


I only just installed yesterday, noticed the clever use of proxies. I had no time to play today. I am curious about the price setting, perhaps @Matheron could visa slöjspetsen?:smiley:

Thank you all for your help. I will try SUPLANTS. I tried Laubwerk but it doesn’t work with Twilight. I would love VRAY but not on my poor wages.

Just an Update. I tried SUPlants. Sadly they don’t support Twlight Render but it looks interesting. One of the biggest issues that I have with 2/2.5D plants is that looking down on them they always disappear or look poor and they don’t work with video at all.

Thanks for the update. As you’ve realized, good quality assets can be tied to a specific rendering engine. Have you looked at Enscape? It’s PC only and very easy to learn. It’s 469.00/year USD so not inexpensive but if you consider the cost of the 3D assets they provide then it’s value to cost ration increases - Enscape 2.6: Enrich Your Rendering with Over 300 New Assets

Also SU Podium Browser

You can find a list of links where to find high-quality plants, on the Skatter forums: [Skatter 1] Manual, Download, Resources... - General - Lindalë forums

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Hi Eric,

I have used Enscape and was really impressed with it. I am waiting to see what the pricing structure is going to be with Twinmotion and them make a call between the two.

I have created a youtube channel to show some of my designs. These are real life gardens with all the nasties that that entails. I model everything in Sketchup first including the real falls across the site and then either photo render using Twilight Render or drop them into Twinmotion to create video walkthroughs. It’s harder than just creating a perfect picture as I have to reflect what is actually there.

Hence looking for better 3D plants…

you can sign up for a month of dynascape and download their plant models for sketchup. There’s a lot and they have a great look-to-polygon ratio.

If you find high poly assets, check out a plugin called skimp.

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