What happened to SU Plants?

Good Day All,

Recently, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a subscription from SU Plants (https://suplants.com/). It’s not cheap, so i did it after much thought. It purported to have a decent variety of plants and plant proxies and it also had the grid tool for placing plants. Seemed pretty versatile. But the company has totally gone dark. Their website looks pretty professional- with all the bells and whistles that gives you the impression that it is not a scam site. But, when you dig into the forums, there are several complaints stacking up about no response, no customer service and a product that doest not work at all. It looks like it worked one time, and then everything just stopped. They were active on all the socials until October. But they do continue to take money. . .

Has anyone dealt with this company ? Anybody know what’s up? What’s the deal?