What happened to SU Plants?

Good Day All,

Recently, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a subscription from SU Plants (https://suplants.com/). It’s not cheap, so i did it after much thought. It purported to have a decent variety of plants and plant proxies and it also had the grid tool for placing plants. Seemed pretty versatile. But the company has totally gone dark. Their website looks pretty professional- with all the bells and whistles that gives you the impression that it is not a scam site. But, when you dig into the forums, there are several complaints stacking up about no response, no customer service and a product that doest not work at all. It looks like it worked one time, and then everything just stopped. They were active on all the socials until October. But they do continue to take money. . .

Has anyone dealt with this company ? Anybody know what’s up? What’s the deal?


Yeah, what a disappointment. SU users need a service like this, and yes, the web site is impressive, but as you say, it’s a hollow shell. There’s no product, and the company seems to have ceased to exist. Glad I was able to get the first payment refunded by my credit card issuer, and there haven’t been any more charges from SU Plants. I haven’t found a suitable alternative for plants, short of making them myself if I can’t find what I need on 3D Warehouse.


You Can have a look at laubwerk :
Not cheap, but good quality. It works with vray and thearender

I looked at that a couple months ago, and passed on it, as it is meant to render when using photorealistic renderers like Vray, not within SketchUp itself. In SketchUp, plants are green blobs.

And that’s exactly what SU plants does (or should I Say used to do), only instead of “blobs” (which are proxies), it was using 2D billboards. If those are enough for you, you have plenty of products that you could use/buy (such as xfrogs plants) as an alternative

I guess, more than anything, im curious as to what happened. They’re still over there just taking money with a pretty good looking website. I’m fairly sure it started as a legit endeavor. Plus, the tools they offer would actually be quite useful for Sketchup, so it was a good idea. It’s kind of spooky.