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I am a landscape designer, and have been enjoying sketchup with my hardscape designs. There are not a lot of trees, shrubs, and other plants in the sketchup library, and I really would like 3d. I believe one can purchase additional libraries. If anyone has a good source, please let me know. I realize some are free, and some you need to purchase. I also know these kind of objects can slow down my designs. I also am not sure once I find a good source, how to add this to my sketchup 19 pro.



No, I do not use dynascape Thanks for getting back to me.


have you simply looked in the 3d warehouse ? there are plenty of 3D trees… for free

(or inside sketchup window > 3D warehouse)

You may also can check:

For paid models, this may be worth looking into -

I use laubwerk for trees but I think they only work as “proxies” and the tree will only be seen in its full glory inside a renderer… not sure if there’s a way to “explode them” so they can be seen in SU as a tree and not a cartoon proxy

Yes, only work with certain renderers such as Vray.

Laubwerk would be the right sort of quality for a professional landscape designer though (unless you don’t do any renders and rely mostly on SU and layout).

I second Laubwerk but as already mentioned, that requires a render engine such as VRAY or Thea to work. FYI - They don’t work with Enscape yet either. The short answer is that there is NO great one stop shop for good quality plants. High quality/geometry means for purchase and not in a SketchUp-friendly format and can bring most models to a crawl. That said, without using the "proxy-to-render engine’ method like Laubwerk or Enscape, you’re pretty limited to how many high-poly plants you can reasonably use.

Here are some various links that you may have already come across: - this site is great but requires a paid subscription. The optimize 3D trees to work well with no render engine. - this one is in development and we’re all eagerly awaiting it’s launch hopefully soon.

Soon to be released “Skimp” should make a lot of high poly models more easily importable to SU.

Yes. Definitely looking forward to that! Hopefully it will be released soon.

The most realistic plants with reasonable poly counts I could find in the 3D Warehouse are by Max Achkovsky.

Link to Max’s models page:

If you scroll enough, there’s a whole section of “low poly 3D trees.”
Here’s a cool one!

I find the render times aren’t too bad as long as you don’t add any properties to the leaf’s render material like transparency, subsurface scattering, or something.

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Very good link to an abundant provider of great Warehouse models.
Thumbs up to Max Achkovsky and by the way to you too Forestr!

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