High quality vegetation models for SketchUp + Vray?

Most 3D vegetation from warehouse looks very choppy and unrealistic. I’m currently using plant kits from Laubwerk and these models are extremely well made and optimized for SketchUp use. Are there any more companies like Laubwerk that support SketchUp vegetation? I know other websites such as XFrog, CGaxis, TurboSquid has tons of 3D vegetation but they are not optimized for SketchUp. Any suggestion or help? Thank you.

If you have access to computer with 3ds Max and vray you can also prepare vray proxies and use them with SketchUp.

On YouTube are some video how to do that.

Most vegetation models are v.high number of polys which sow SU down to a crawl as its not designed for this type of modelling. You can use other methods for handling and rendering such as Skatter https://getskatter.com which works with a number of renderers to display lo-poly object in SU but render out dense vegetation in your chosen renderer. Pretty much as roju said above but you dont necessarily need 3ds Max. You can purchase the Xfrog packs as they contain .obj files if I remember correctly.

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