What type of trees to use in a render (question)



Hi there people,

I’m making a rather big model of a neighborhood Which has a “in the woods” kind of concept. Therefore i would love to render me some trees ( a Lott of trees and bushes).

Now here is the problem, most of the trees and bushes in the warehouse are rather large and make the model terribly slow to the part where sketchup gives me a splash report saying it crashed. Are there any suggestion? ( yes i could photoshop them in, but i would like to render them with vray)

does anyone know a great file to work with? I’m a student by the way, so my goal is not to make any kind of profit rather to learn, and most of all succeed in this project.

Thanks in advance people


Try using 2d “face-me” images of selected trees and/or shrubbery. You should be able to copy photographic representations of the types of vegetation you want from a variety of online sources, convert each to a reasonably small png or jpeg file, save as face-me components and insert where needed in your SketchUp model.

(Bear in mind that you don’t need a large number of these components; if you make enough different varieties, these can be repeated multiple times. You also may want to reverse the component images and use those also. Using a reversed component image will not add significantly to the overall file size.)

Then use V-Ray or your preferred rendering engine to perform the final illustrative work.

Good luck!


If using V-Ray, you might want to learn to use proxies:



I recommend .png files. They can include areas within their rectangular boundaries that are transparent, so the areas of the image outside of your vegation won’t block things “behind” them.


That would be my typical choice although depending on the overall scale of the model to be rendered, it may actually make more sense and be more economical to use the non transparent jpg images to give the illusion of a fuller tree stand. Generally it boils down to what is the preference.


Laubwerk has good trees that operate as proxies but render very nicely. There is a cost factor though!


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