Looking for a library of 3D trees

I still a novice, but keep plugging away. I am a landscape designer, and I have been working on several hardscape models. One thing that I have not been able to find in the Sketchup 3D warehouse are good 3D trees. I see there may be other sources outside of Sketchup for libraries of 3d models, including trees. If anyone has any suggestions for good 3D trees, please let me know. Also, how does one save a library if they find one outside of sketchup.

Thanks so much.

there are trees in the SketchUcation shop and at Formfonts…

a lot of other sources convert really high poly models that cripple SU…


The big question is what you are going to use the trees for. Some renderers have built in tree libraries and there are also Laubwek and Skatter if you want to make photo realistic imagery. For the design process itself I’d however recommend simple trees, preferably 2D, for best performance.

If you gonna finish yor work with documentation (LayOut/AutoCAD) you will need simple trees. When I need to do landscape models I create a group and put inside a 2D tree elevation (for perspectives and elevations) and a 2D treen plan (for top views), but in different layers for better control.

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