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Im modeling my garden for some upcoming landscaping. I have an iregular shaped garden as you can see in the picture but i cant get Sketchup to show this any advice will be greatly appriciated thanks.

Garden.skp (276.9 KB)

In SketchUp Free that would be a lot of work. You’ll need to first create a surface inside the perimeter you’ve drawn. Since the edges are not planar you’ll need to draw in at least one diagonal.

If you want to show the changing slope of the ground you’ll need to break it up even further into smaller triangles.

You might consider using SketchUp 2017 Make instead. That would give you access to the Sandbox Tools which would do the triangulating for you and give you tools to shape the surface.

Thank you very much for your reply i had a feeling that i was pushing the free version to its limits. Ill download the 2017 version and try with that.

Sorry im very new to this i now have the 2017 version and have re drew my model but im unclear on what to do next thanks
Garden2017ver.skp (230.5 KB)

Start with the sandbox tutorials from SketchUp:

See the sandbox tutorials. and

  1. You want the visible faces like the top of the terrain and the outside surfaces of objects like walls, to be white, not blue --front faces not backfaces. Right click on a selection including the faces, and use the command reverse faces.

  2. Group (or make components) of your different objects. The upper garden ground would be one group. The fences would be another, and another for your garden walls–retaining walls, etc.

  3. When you have groups or components you can assign layers to them and be able to hide them.

  4. Your perimeter high fence is not so important in modeling and will be in the way of working. The house too. Group the fences, assign a layer for them, and hide them most of the time. HOWEVER a low version (group) of a fence at the perimeter will help guide working with the terrain–because clearly you want to keep the soil going all the way to the fence all around. and it will give you a reference face for making height measurements to work your terrain to.

  5. If you want to get into it deeper after trying the Sandbox tools, check out any video by Daniel Tal that you can find. And there are other SUr landscaping videos of course.

  6. Don’t apply textures too soon. Don’t apply textures to backfaces. Don’t apply textures to groups (in most cases). Open the groups or components to edit them and apply textures to the raw faces.

Here is an example file with some things done.

Garden2017ver-2.skp (238.0 KB)

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Thank you very much for your detailed reply I’ll have a go at this.

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