Looking for sketchup pro to help with home reno project

i have a sketch up drawing of an exterior of my house but looking for somebody to do the inside (all 3 floors) as we are about to do a reno and would like to take existing floor plan and be able to modify it to see how the new look would be. The person i am looking for would be creative and have a design flair as there are some things that will need to be created as we go. I am also looking for the whole package, landscaping and interior design.
I am will to pay for this service. I don’t own a copy of sketch up but do use the free version. please contact me on skype rossmorrell or email me at rossmorrell@outlook.com

thank you

What part of the world do you live in?


that narrows it down…


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It does. It means that someone from the UK like me probably won’t be much use as we won’t know the local architectural idiom nor local building codes. Sadly.

Hello: I wonder if you would be interested in taking on an Architect? I do custom homes and remodels. I am very flexible in the design ideas (i.e. I won’t force my ideas on you) but I will help you so that you don’t make mistakes that may be expensive or not to code, etc. I live in Phoenix, AZ but I have designs in CA and currently have a house under construction in Ketchikan, Alaska. You can see my website :

My fees are reasonable and I can vary my involvement in the project to suit your needs. I will email you too. Take care. ~Dan