Looking for Open source 3D printed ventilator for COVID 19

Dear SU comunity,

I’m an Industrial Designer with quite some years of experience in visualization nothing really relevant apart some modeling for products and interior architecture. In previous years I gained some kind of skills in other CAD workflows (e.g. Solidworks, cinema 4D, Vectorworks, you name them… etc) and then all of a sudden I found SU. Then I thought this community is really cool, easy going and when I discovered how user friendly was the learning curve I felt in love with it.

Speaking about curves, I thought it could be a good idea if this community could find some doctors or engineers who are in need badly of 3D models for valves or components for ventilators to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 that could be used in hospitals or elsewhre.

The rational behind it is to receive sketches or blueprints from someone knowleagble in this topics and then upload those parts into the SU warehouse so that people somewhere in the world may have them ready at hand in open source basis.

I engaged myself as volunteer and I underline as volunteer no commercial interest whatsoever just to try to put some basic 3D models easy to download and 3D print. In the times when solidarity becomes relevant I would sincerely love to launch this challenge in this community.

Yours sincerly,



Sounds like a thing that I would love to chime in.

Hello! Thanks a lot for your kind reply! I will keep you posted. For the time being there is no project to launch.

See the links within this NYT article.

Thanks for your kind input! We are still looking around to all kinds of interesting open source initiatives.
I guess that the first step to take is to define the right questions before start modeling 3D, isn’t it.
Have a good day!