Looking for Native American descent people 3d model

hi, i am looking for Native American descent people 3d model for rendering. it is so hard to find in 3d warehouse. i am wander if is there any one could create some and our company will pay for it. thank you!!! my email is yjiang@dalpos.com .

This video on Youtube is a little dated but you might want to create the cutouts yourself if you have time and the images of the people that you want included in the Render?

thank you very much for you reply!! you are right, I did some cutouts but they are 2D.since we use enscape and to create exe file. 2D people do not work very well in exe file when you spin around your rendering model(exe. file).

Hi @janejj yeah we had heard of those issues persisting between the face-me components and Enscape. The latest version of Enscape (3.3) should have that corrected. In the event that you have the latest version of Enscape installed, do you want to give that a try and see how the face-me components render?

sounds good! let me try , thank you very much!!