Looking for feedback/instruction for treehouse supports

Hello all, i’m looking for some feedback on this treehouse, specifically the ground supports/pillars. This build will be at a rental house so it cannot be connected to the tree.

I was trying to have the supports be visually interesting but I also want it to be super sturdy. Not an engineer so I may have overdone it in some places. Feel free to let me know.

Open to suggestions and feedback on the model in general, not just the pillars. Tia
TREE HOUSE.skp (421.9 KB)

I call it brick outhouse engineering. :smiley:

Are you going to put the posts in the ground? If so, how far and will there be footings?

I might consider creating X’s with the bracing. I’d probably also reduce the number of short pieces between the joists.

Maybe something like this?

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Thinking about your framework a bit more. Trying to eliminate the hanging joists.

Turn the ladder 90° so it comes up between two joists?


Really great feedback. Thank you Dave

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You’re quite welcome. Might not be worth even what you paid for it. :smiley: Maybe it’ll give you some ideas though.

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I would offer a couple suggestions in addition to @DaveR s. I like the beams to have at least 1 1/2" bearing on the posts instead of shear fastening. Also, seems like a slightly squarer cut on the double beam would be a bit stronger.

Probably overkill but I’d go around the tree trunk something like below.