Looking for extension to make handmade looking wavy, bumpy tiles

Hi guys,

I need to make this unnatural looking tile, but not sure if there is an extension that will make them. They need to look like this.

Would love any help,

Thanks a lot guys

This is the tile

Pink-subways-600x450 !

Sandbox tools, specifically Smoove tool can do that.

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How you do this depends a lot on what you need it for. If it’s just a few tiles then Sandbox or Eneroth’s Eroder would do the trick but they will also create a lot of geometry. If you need a large area of this for a render then you would be better off using a texture and displacement in a render program.


is for a bathroom render. And this will be the feature wall. I have never looked into sandbox, if it can do this then i might give that a try. I’m using Lumion 9 as my render programme

Thanks guys

Also what software renderer you are using?.. often this can be done more effectively using procedural material maps in the render software

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using Lumion 9 mate

not familiar with Lumion, I use Twinmotion… but have a look at bump or displacement maps, particularly if you have a large area of tiles