Help with 3D Studded Flooring


  • I’m new to Sketch up and I’m attempting to create a photo-realistic studded floor. The studded floor is called mondopave and I’ve attached an example of it to this.


  • My problem is that it’s currently just a flat texture in my model. I aim to have each individual stud raised a couple of millimetres but am unsure of how to achieve this.

  • I render my models via Vray and would like some help in how to achieve my desired 3D floor effect.

Many thanks, :slightly_smiling_face:

You can simply make this floor three dimensional in Sketchup by drawing arrays of circles and push pulling them or more simply create a displacement map for what you already have in V-ray ( or bump map if you dont need full dimensionality).
The benefit of using the displacement map is that you will keep the geometry of the model leaner and maintain the phototexture mapping .

something likewhat your displacement map will look like. where the white matches the studs which will be displaced higher. You can also use this in the bump channel too to get a 3 dimensional look without using displacement.


To second what @whiterabbitdesigncompany said about the ‘bump map’ method…just wanted to point out that it is a bit tricky as you need a subtle difference between the high and low parts of the ‘bumps’. Here I started with the ‘Steel Polished’ texture from the V-Ray library:

And it’s flat as you’ve already pointed out.

Here is a circle with slight ‘fuzz’ and subtle differentiation between the rise (darker) and flat part (lighter).

And here it is rendered after being added to the ‘Displacement’ section:

Not a perfect result but you get the idea and from a distance, should be good enough…Hope this helps! *Update - Here is the material if you want to test it (44.5 KB)


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just create one stud as a component and repeat