Looking for extension to create 2d projections


Switch to Top view, turn on Parallel Projection. Export 2D View to DWG and import back into SketchUp.

Try Eneroth’s Flatten to Plane extension: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

I found the Following but both are closed:

You Can Flatten a DWG Import while Maintaining Layer Structure and Components I found this on the SketchUpEssentials YouTube page (Thank You Justin). Basically Fredo Scale, BoxScaling Scale in Z axis and Type in Scale Factor of ‘0’ Zero My BEST TIPS for Using FredoScale for SketchUp - You need this extension! - YouTube

You can always just use drape from the built in sandbox tools. Note that I unsoftened the edge around the sphere because it sometimes has problems with soft shapes.


So many ways!!
Thank you all, I will be trying each one to see the best fit for my workflow.