Looking for Developers

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to develop a Sketchup extension to automate design of very simple wood frames based on certain rules and codes.

Let’s connect!

Standard Warning: When communicating with potential developers, make sure they are using the current version of SketchUp and one with a license that allows Commercial Use. NO serious person offering services that include SketchUp work should use anything less than these.

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Why ?

Because it indicates that the developer is serious about supplying work product - be it an extension, Live Component, SketchUp or Layout file, etc. that is as up to date as possible. Maintaining their Sketchup at the most current level indicates a commitment to providing the best work product available using the most current SketchUp version

Use of superseded SketchUp versions might result in withdrawal of support (from Trimble) sooner than using the current version - as Trimble only guarantees support for ANY version for 3 years.

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No. The essential APIs have been there since version 6. Depending on what we are developing, we can seek the greatest compatibility or, on the contrary, work with the small improvements of recent versions.

Developing on old versions or with basic APIs absolutely does not result in loss of support from Trimble, which does not provide any for extensions. An extension can be developed on an old version and be compatible with the current one… fortunately!