Looking for detailed building models or large objects (e.g. a ship)

Hi guys

I am looking for very detailed building models or large objects.
For buildings I am interested in those models that show details down to furniture level, interior design etc
For ships, airplanes and any other objects I am looking for details down to engine rooms (for ships), control panels etc

The more realistic the better.
I need these for a research article and for learning more about Sketchup.

Any other detailed large objects are welcome

Search the 3D Warehouse. You’ll probably find something to suit.

I am but it is killing me because most of the models have just the exterior
Any filter that I could use?

Here is an example of model that I would like to find: http://www.davidanderson.ca/virtualtour/

I don’t know of any filters you can use to get only detailed models. Maybe ‘detailed’ as a keyword. I expect you’ll find that most highly detailed models of buildings will have been done for clients and won’t be available to just anyone.

Are you willing to buy detailed models? Perhaps you can hire someone to make them for you. Just a thought, anyway.

Take your cue from the file size and also use the WebGL control to peek through the windows. I just did that after searching for “house furniture” and found this.

It’s not detailed, but it’s there.

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I already tried to use the size but if the model used pictures for facades then that automatically increased the size

Any idea about how to download models from Google Earth/Google maps?
Using street view seems to allow me to locate virtual tours of important buildings (you see the blue tracks getting inside the building) so that is easy and selective
How do I download them ? :slight_smile:

Most if not all buildings in Google Earth, now, were not generated with SketchUp. My understanding is that they aren’t available to use in SketchUp but you might want to contact the folks at Google about that.

Is the “Advanced Search” and filter by number of polygons >= X value relevan?
I am not sure that I understand how the polygons are counted (might not be relevant)

It would definitely be relevant. The problem is that you’re searching for something very specific. A high polygon count could very easily be down to a !0 MB car sitting in the driveway or a garden full of hi-res plants…with a completely empty house.

Most of them seem to be buildings

Here are some model authors, including myself, who often draw models with full interiors:


Hi, I have a few, that may be of interest, and you are welcome to share those.

If you are interested I will mail you some dropbox links?

Regards trolle

I have some that I’ve built for clients but would have to charge something for access.