Find old sketchup models from Google Earth

Hey there,
I’ve been trying to find some models from Google earth but can’t seem to find them in the warehouse. Also the google earth tag on the model is blank so i cant follow and find the model.
Thanks in advance

There hasn’t been a link between SketchUp and Google Earth for more than 10 years. If you find a tag in Google Earth it would point to the old Google 3D Warehouse which hasn’t existed for nearly 10 years. You might find the models in the current 3D Warehouse by searching for the building name but it might also be that the author has withdrawn it.

thanks for your reply, so there is no way we can search up the old sketchup library?

No. It no longer exists.

Your profile says you are using the free web version. It can only access the current 3D Warehouse anyway. You could model the buildings yourself and consider it part of your hobby.

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When the link between Google Earth and SketchUp was severed, Google switched to a different system of generating its 3D building content. Today the “models” are generated automatically. Some user modelled buildings might remain, but most of the data isn’t downloadable in any usable format.


Some of the old Sketchup models can still be seen on Google Earth by using the historic imagery function (the clock with the counter-clockwise green arrow on the toolbar). Even if it’s been overlaid by the automatically generated models, it remains in memory.

Until a few years ago, the historic imagery showed the model, and the tag with the model name, author, and IIRC the defunct Warehouse link. Now, merely the model and its name appears: the name of the author has been scrubbed, or perhaps “deprecated” is the applicable programming term.

Some of the models are genuine art, such as St. Basil’s Cathedral. My own can most flatteringly be described as good craftsmanship, the same label that would apply to a model built of matchsticks.

I don’t recall the terms for contributing models to Google Earth, but I’d thought there was a tradeoff: you contribute a model, and your name appears on the tag. Removing the names seems to me to be breaking faith, especially in an era when “intellectual property” and “exposure” are given an exaggerated value.

Seems like the sort of thing to take up with Google. About a decade ago they basically abandoned SketchUp in favor of other technolgies for populating Google Earth.

I posted here because there may be a few around who enjoyed making buildings for Google Earth way back when, and might be happy to know the models are still there.
It was a pleasant distraction when I was tired of words and conflict, so I`m not really up for bandying words with Google about stripping credit. Someone else may be.