Buildings 3D models on SketchUp 3D Warehouse

Why I can’t find some buildings 3D models on SketchUp 3D Warehouse that are in Google Earth?

Because the 3D buildings in Google Earth aren’t created using SketchUp.

That’s not true, almost all of them are created using SketchUp and is specified.
Here an example:

You probably should go back and look at the history. Google bought SketchUp in 2006 with the intent of using it to populate Google Earth with 3D content. They released a free version in 2007 with the expectation that users would create 3D buildings and other structures to populate Google Earth. That didn’t work as planned. They did get some 3D content but not as much as they needed and so by 2011 they were shifting to other methods to get that stuff. In 2012 SketchUp was sold to Trimble.

You might find some buildings in the 3D Warehouse that were created in the past for Google Earth but your assertion that “almost all” of the buildings in Google Earth were created in SketchUp is incorrect.


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Thank you for your reply.
Anyway, all the models I need are made with SketchUp by users (see my last attachment), but most of them can’t be find in Warehouse.

Evidently Google hasn’t gotten to Qatar to replace the 3D buildings yet. If you look at the regions where they have you find that none of the buildings are done with SketchUp.

Why do you expect that they should be in the Warehouse? There’s no requirement for users to upload content to the 3D Warehouse. You might as well model them yourself. It’ll be a good learning experience. Or you could hire someone else to model them for you.

I expect them in the Warehouse because as you said, Google Earth shows models loaded in the warehouse.
I know I can do it by myself or hire someone, but this is not the reply to my question.

I didn’t say that. I quoted the Wikipedia entry for Google Earth. The 3D building content from Google Earth was uploaded to the 3D Warehouse ten years or more ago. That doesn’t mean it’s all still there. The authors could have removed them.

You’re using SketchUp Free so this must be your hobby. Relax and enjoy it. Do some actual modeling.