Cant find 3D Models to be downloaded from sketch up warehouse

Hi All,

Im trying to find 3D models made by this user buildcities001.

They come up on google earth but when i type the name of the building in the 3D warehouse the model building doe not show up where can i find these building models.

The buildings are located in Edinburgh in the Grassmarket

3D Buildings aren’t made with SketchUp and haven’t been for a long time. It’s no surprise you can’t find them in the 3D Warehouse.

It looks like may have made some of them. At Google, there may have been this thing called that made some of those. They’re not the greatest models, and just combine photos with some rough geometry you’d set up. But as Dave mentions, we’re no longer at Google, and you can see they shut this down shortly after selling SketchUp to Trimble.


So why doe it still come up in google earth and you can still find buildings but not all of them?.

Do you know how i can find these other buildings.?

Hi There,

Is there any way i can get them.?

Many, if not MOST of the building in Google Earth were created by Google’s own in-house software. The days where Google Earth was created by SketchUp’s userbase is long gone. Nothing to assure that you can get your hands on anything you see in GE.

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