Looking for contract Sketchup designer

Hello, I work for a small design firm in San Diego and I’m looking for a contract designer skilled in Sketchup and Layout. (but mostly Sketchup) I have several projects lined up ready to go. Most of the projects would be small projects working with individual models like an aircraft, VW bus, or small interior room. Each project would be an individual project that we would prioritize and put in order. The level of detail is just for display and prototyping. Projects include:

  1. Build 2 19" computer racks that are appoximately 36" tall and fit in the back of a VW Bus model. (see attached image. .skp baseline will be provided)

  2. Rebuild a simplified aircraft model (WB-57) from an exiting model. Primary objective to maintain basic shape and scale but significantly reduce the number of polygons and size of the file.

  3. Build a simple model of the Santa Barbara area. Baseline .skp file to be provided, but number of polygons and file size needs to be reduced.

  4. Build a simple single room based on hand sketches to be provided. Includes tables, chairs and bit video screens.

Please contact me with a private message and I will set up a phone call ASAP to discuss these projects and potential future projects.

Sumner Lee

Dear Sumner,

I will be happy to work with you, please get in touch to schedule a telephonic meeting.

Scott W.

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