Looking for a fast easy way to remove/hide lines on a tube

Trying to find a way to get rid of lines that are created after making a tube through the use of multiple Follow me actions

I have been using Ctrl+Erase but moving around each individual pipe is very tedious

(the red lines I marked on the image to point out the lines i am referring to)

Assuming they are continuous geometry in the same context and there are no internal faces, triple click on the pipe to select all of the geometry, right click on it and choose Soften/Smooth.

Unfortunately that did not work.

So hear is the situation. I have been running the 6 pipes as a component. and that has worked well (change one change them all). but when I got to the section with the multiple offset 90° i had to make them all unique.

once they were separate it took multiple follow me segments to get them around the corner.

Its not that big of a deal, i was just hoping there was a
“Hide unsightly circles on tubes” option in the menu that i had not found.

hold down CTRL while using the eraser tool over the lines, it will hide them

Ctrl softens (Option on Mac). Shift hides.

If there are internal faces, they won’t be softened.

since the edges will be exploded into individual segments duw to the Follow Me operation, you could drag left to right selection boxes around each ring and then use Hide from either the Context or Edit menu.

If you don’t get it following those instructions you can consider to upload your .skp file or an example.
This is probably a more complex way to do it, but you can hide some parts of your model to have a better view if there is some internal faces, then decide if you want to erase then, select the circle and then apply soft and smooth.



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